Debit Order Mandate
Last Updated 10 May 2019

The below Terms & Conditions are specifically related to Customers making use of our Debit Order facility.

1. Debit Order Mandate

  • 1.1 - I/we are duly authorised to complete this online Agreement and by my completion hereto, confirm that I/we shall have no claims against Intellihost arising out of this Agreement
  • 1.2 - I/we agree that that a monthly debit order will be processed against my/our bank account, as detailed on my client panel, each and every month, commencing on the Commencement Date and will continue for so long as I/we are indebted to intellihost in respect of any amounts listed on my client account panel, or until notice of cancellation of this Agreement is made by me/us in writing to Intellihost
  • 1.3 - I/We agree that this Agreement will be subject to the standard terms and conditions of Intellihost
  • 1.4 - I/We agree that in the event that any debit order due in terms of this Agreement is rejected by my/our bank, all related bank rejection fees and the full amount of the monthly debit order, that remains unpaid, will be due and payable immediately on demand by Intellihost and that any products or services provided by Intellihost in respect to services rendered in your client account dashboard, may be suspended immediately - undertake to ensure that adequate funds are available in the bank account detailed in this Agreement, to cover the amounts due in terms of this Agreement.
  • 1.5 - I/we undertake to inform Intellihost of any changes to my/our bank account details listed in the Banking Details of this Agreement.
  • 1.6 - I/we agree that the first and last debit order amount will be adjusted to take into account any amount due in arrears or paid in advance as a result of the commencement date of this Agreement not being the 1st day of the month.